Katsiaryna Banar


Katsiaryna Banar, Belarus, 1993.
Recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague, NL.

I am passionate about working with text and language, analyzing and structuring content originated from different sources, and bringing it together in a coherent narrative. I like connecting the text-based tensions, in a well-considered and detailed editorial way.

I had worked on a variety of multi-disciplinary projects, such as exhibition participant for the Amnesty International Anniversary Exhibition in Amsterdam, the TodaysArt festival in the Hague, and 4th Istanbul Design Biennial as a part of the internship at studio SulSolSal.

Previously obtained a bachelor degree in Audiovisual Arts in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Royal Academy of Arts
The Hague, NL 2015-2019

European Humanities University
Bachelor in Audiovisual Arts
Vilnius, LT 2011-2015


SulSolSal, 4th Istanbul Design Biennial
Research assistant

Amsterdam 2018/ Istanbul 2018


Continuum Elevation
The Hague, 2019

Amnesty International
Amsterdam Theater, Amsterdam 2018
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TodaysArt Festival 2017
The Hague, Netherlands
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The Ornamental Divine
The Hague, 2017
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Vienna, Austria

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